It is a complex

solution for your hardware

Idekit is a set of software products for running and visualizing automation processes on your HW platforms.

It is created with the aim of maximally simplifying (reducing) the process of implementation and deployment of an automation solution for your customers up to subsequent service and optimization.

It separates its own control algorithm layer and the low-level layer for handling the hardware on which the process runs, including its peripherals. This low-level hardware part and its drivers peripherals included is driven by Runtime without your attention so you can be focused on your algorithm and technology. Even after commissioning while your project runs, further tuning and software optimization is also possible.

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It is the main core of the system which is completely independent on hardware platform. We are ready to port it into your designed hardware or you can download it and use it as a ready solution which supports all common platforms or operating systems. The Runtime takes care of its hardware low-end part, drivers and peripherals of the system instead of you. You don't have to think about specific hardware or platform during the design process anymore. You can work with system inputs and outputs easily defined in your algorithm and thus you can fully concentrate on project and its result. Runtime starts your algorithm after booting and takes care of its running. In the Runtime, there is a group of typical automation protocols for communication with your implemented system so the system integration and data aquisition is easy. Runtime is always ready for interaction with Idekit Studio for configuration or update of your automation algorithm. 

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A development environment for Windows that makes it easy to create and further optimize application software for your project. Programming process is still the same because it is not depended on the hardware platform with Runtime. It uses both languages FUPLA (Funcional blocks) and ST (Structured text) according to the IEC EN 61131-3. It is possible to combine both languages and create custom function blocks using structured text for example. These blocks can be used in more complex structures then. ST is very useful and easy to use - you can use it, for  example, for writing serial line communication driver which is not included in our library. There are many useful, ready-to-use and proven function blocks in this library. Whole environment is proven and tested for many years in automation field and it is used by many people right now. We are still focused on easy-to-use and user-friendly aspects of the system but without technical level compromises. Studio is directly connected with running Runtime on used platform so you can configure and optimize your uploaded automation software. Only common PC and ETHERNET cable for connection with platform is needed.

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Use this application to create HMI (Human-Machine Interface) for your technological process. It allows visualization of the process together with its actual values and parameters and also their history in time. Displaying event logs or alarms is also possible. Visual is available as a mobile app or a web server and the access to your project visualization is accessible from any device with web browser and internet access.