16. 1. 2023
Visit us at the trade fairs in March
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23. 12. 2022
PF 2023
We wish you a merry Christmas and happy whole year ahead full of health!
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6. 10. 2022
SPS 2022 free tickets
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27. 9. 2022
LIGHT+BUILDING free tickets
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9. 8. 2022
SPS 2022
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28. 6. 2022
EmbeddedWorld 2022 is successfully over!
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2. 6. 2022
EMBEDDED free tickets
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24. 5. 2022
Idekit at AMPER 2022
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2. 5. 2022
Visit us at Embedded World 2022
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14. 3. 2022
Idekit on
ou will find us at the digital marketplace
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9. 3. 2022
Read: Idekit - your automation SW development solution
Today, virtually every complex technical device or functional unit uses a microprocessor unit for its control. Its development and production has some specific characteristics compared to the machine part, which can pose risks for the manufacturer. In recent years, this area has been affected by the price and unavailability of microprocessors, the shortage of programmers is a permanent problem, the time to market is continuously shortening, custom modifications have to be made... therefore, Domat Control System offers Idekit. It is a set of tools that allows to separate the runtime (the basic software that handles inputs, outputs, communications, display, etc.) from the application software (i.e. the program that controls the machine technology according to the customer's or client's requirements).
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13. 10. 2021
Visit us at SPS 2021
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30. 9. 2021
Updated Raspberry Images
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23. 7. 2021
Idekit website is here!
Site is launched. It is about Idekit product - new tool for development of automation projects and helps you with all the its aspects. Could be base of your own ecosystem!
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