Connection over a Proxy server

In the Solution (must be in Full mode) attach a PLC, and download the configuration. In the PLC properties check the network connection properties: IP adddress, network mask, default gateway, and DNS. Enter the Proxy ID, URL and Interval keep-alive (to specify how often the PLC will contact the server) into the Proxy parameters. Finally, enable the Proxy.

Upload the configuration into the PLC.

Reastart the PLC.

After the PLC has been restarted, upload the project and run Debugging. In the System status, ther eis the Proxy status and number of free and occupied slots. Proxy server status is as follows:

Connected - PLC connected to Proxy

Connecting - The connection procedure is running

Idle - Slow connection

FailedToConnect - Error when connecting (wrong connection parameters)

HostNotFound - server not found

How to connect to Proxy from Idekit Studio

Stop the Debugging mode. Create a derived profile to your current profile. Set the derived profile as active, and edit the parameters for connection with the PLC. -> Connection Type must be changed to Proxy. Add URI and Proxy ID to the cnnection parameters. Compile the Solution, and run Debugging.

In the System status there is Conection status with one slot occupied. Now, you are connected to the PLC over the Proxy server, and the PLC need not to be reachable over the Internet directly.