Installation of Idekit Studio development environment for Windows

Idekit is a set of software products for running and visualizing automation processes on your HW platforms. It is created with the aim of maximally simplifying (reducing) the process of implementation and deployment of an automation solution for your customers up to subsequent service and optimization.

Download it, install it and start using it completely free in a few easy steps:

System requirements

  • Windows 8 or latest (Win8, Win8.1, Win10)
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or latest
  • 32/64-bit AMD architecture

Download and install Idekit Studio

Run installation package in folder Downloads if you did't change it. It shows welcome screen of installation explorer:

Continue with Next button on the license agreement:

You can print it with Print button for future purposes. It is possible to continue with click on Next button but Acceptbox must be checked as your consent with the license agreement. Without your consent the installation process  cannot continue.

With the button Back you can go to the previous step anytime in installation process.

In next screen you can edit the installation details:

With the button Browse is possible to change installation destination folder (e.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Idekit\)

Recommendation is to let this default destination folder umístění for the furter better orientation in product documentation where could be the links on it.

Than you can to choose with context menu which components you want to enable or disable in the installation.  

Recommendation is to install product Studio, which is elementary part for using our solution for configuration through your PC and for setup the parts of Idekit

Installation of all the modules is our recommendation for newcomers.

Button Reset is for later using of all default settings of installation. Button Disk Usage show you actual free disk space, actual size of installation and estimated free disk space after the installation process.

To continue please click on  Next button. Installation explorer is now ready for the installation Idekit to your computer.
Click on Install button will start the installation. 

During the process system ask you for allowing system setting:
Allowing it is neccesary for the installation otherwise the installation process will be failed.  

You are inform about actual state of installation with status bar:

After successfully complete of installation process you will end it with click on Finish button: