Runtime for Wago

Insert an SD card that is at least 4 GB into your computer.

Under this link download the disc image burning program called "Win32DiskImager", which you will then install.

Download the image for Wago750-8101 or Wago750-8102 from the Idekit website and run the installed Win32DiskImager program. Select the appropriate drive for your SD card (in the picture D: \) and select the icon for the directory.
In Windows Explorer, select the directory where you downloaded the Wago image from the Idekit site and click on Disk Images (* .img * .IMG) in the lower left corner and select *. *
then select the image named "sd.hdimg" and choose Open
in Win32DiskImager, choose Write
and confirm with the Yes button to write to the SD card
after successfully creating an image on the SD card, the message "Write Successful" will be displayed.

Confirm the dialog box with the "OK" button and safely remove your SD card from the computer or laptop.

Insert the SD card into the Wago PLC and apply power to the PLC. The "SYS" and "μSD" LEDs will flash orange during PLC flashing. When the PLC flashes, the "SYS" LED will flash yellow and the "μSD" LED will not flash. Then remove the SD card from the PLC and restart the power supply on the PLC.