User prerequisites

Regarding user experiences Idekit Studio is to be understood in two aspects:

1. Tool for commissioning of controllers and I/O modules

Idekit Studio is used as an engineering tool for the different PLCs (hardware and software platfroms) with Idekit Runtime and their I/O modules. The controllers are programmed in Idekit Studio using the „simple mode“. I/O modules are typically inserted in a serial bus, program is created in the FUPLA editor, and the whole stuff is uploaded to the PLC. Mastering Idekit Studio in this way only requires a couple of formal know-how. Idekit Studio brings along a lot of potential advantages compared to other solutions.

2. Universal tool

Idekit Studio makes it possible to bring virtually any functionality to the controller. Users programming in ST may apply any logical structure which would be difficult or impossible to create using function blocks. Users are free to write their own communication drivers, I/O device definitions, programs, function blocks etc.