Description of HMI Editor

General information

Part of the Idekit Studio is also an integrated HMI editor. A HMI editor creates the human-machine interface. In the Idekit world, the HMI editor is used to create the textual or graphical interface definition between a PLC, or the control software, and a person - the user.

Installator contains also older Idekit HMI editor. This editor can be used to modify older definitions created in older releases of Idekit Studio.

The definitions are created in a HMI project. It is in the Solution Explorer at the same menu level as Executable projects or Library projects.

In a HMI project, different templates are created. In the Simple mode they are:

• Textual template for a PLC - LCD menu definition for a PLC with LCD display

• Textual template for a Terminal - LCD menu definition or a Idekit Visual menu definition

• Graphical template for a Terminal - Graphical template for Idekit Visual menu definition

In the Full mode, there is another possible template:

• Textual template for a Function Block or Program - a specific definition for a function block or program.