Programming options

Programs can be created by using two basic tools: structured text (ST), and function plan (FUPLA).

Structured text is a language for programming of control algorithms.

FUPLA programs use connections of function blocks.

Both languages can be combined. Apart from programs, functions and function blocks can be created, which are used to build more complex program structures. For example, a function block may be written in ST, and used in FUPLA editor, or a FUPLA-based block can be created and used in a FUPLA-based program, etc. Users are allowed to create their own program structures.

All programs, functions, and function blocks may be stored, exported and used in other projects. Users may create their own libraries of function blocks, programs, and functions.

An important feature of the Idekit Studio is the aggregated editing of common properties.

The availability of functions in the Idekit Studio is limited by the user mode. When a new Solution is created, user has to choose between „full mode“ and „simple mode“.

Full mode

In the Full mode, all functions in the Idekit Studio are available to the user.

Simple programming mode

The Simple mode is used for limited functionality access to edit one PLC in a Solution only. User only can rpogram in the FUPLA editor, the controller has predefined a single task, etc. See also New simple solution.